Open Letter for the Recort

Ursula Sabisch, Luebeck, Germany

Luebeck, 30 May 2019

Free English translation on 9 October 2021.

Open Letter on almost the same Level.

The German-language document you may find here!

Dear Citizens of Luebeck, Dear City Administration, Dear Mayor, Dear Mr. M. Prinzen,

As is made clearer every day by the construction noise outside my front door, you and others like to play with the highest values of a human being and clearly ignore the will of even your Creator.

What do you and your ilk actually imagine yourselves to be?

Who do you and your ilk really think you are?

First of all, you, Mr. M. P. and your family clear out your house and move with bag and baggage to Meesenring 4, ground floor, next to the dermatologist, where my person used to live.

ImmobilienScout 24 will certainly find a business space elsewhere nearby, perhaps the former business space of your car dealership.

If you and your wife can no longer stand the noise and the slamming of the car doors under your windows in the flat described above, or if you cannot tolerate the mould, then you should also consider

Sandkrugskoppel, where my sister used to live, as the brightly-listening flats in Brandenbaumer Landstraße, where my sister used to live, have unfortunately been demolished, but the former neighbours there could be called into action!

I could also call a former neighbour from Ruebenkoppel number 1 onto the scene for Sandkrugskoppel, as the previous tenant of the ground floor flat had arranged for me; then you and your wife, among others, will indeed learn that you cannot sneak away so cheaply and you will have to realise in time, that your life can be in the greatest danger due to the residential behaviour of others, which is also quite true for my person's current flat.

In the meantime, should you have the control of the "devil-children" in Luebeck under control, then move to Ruebenkoppel 2a, as already mentioned in writing, or else move to Ruebenkoppel 1 beforehand, so that you will recognise and learn to appreciate a service rendered and so that you will no longer allow confusion of persons in the future!

Do not forget that you will take over the flat removals yourself, no matter how ailing you may be, and do not forget that only one family member is allowed to help you move into one of the above-mentioned vacated flats!

The buildings planned at Am Aehrenfeld, directly adjacent to my current flat and possibly the new street will also be dismantled by you, including the Luebeck City Council and those responsible for the matter personally and, of course, as quietly as possible, or by manual labour on site.

The Luebeck city administration as well as other persons will then have to follow accordingly and equally, which is up to you as Prince and administrator of the control in Luebeck and will be up to you in your decision!

Should you, as the affected person, want to take up quarters in your car dealership or in a hotel, for example, because it may not be bearable in the flats mentioned, then your car dealership will have to be closed and your EC cards confiscated.

You have given things free rein here, although you knew years ago that something threatening or strange will have taken place at least around my person, but have made off without comment and quite cheaply on the matter!

Such a person fits particularly well into this Luebeck society and such a person now has the task, which was imposed by the state as a born Prince, of having the control implemented and carried out by these Luebeck citizens when my person has to move abroad under a foreign net.

The driving of a motor vehicle for some* and the prohibition of driving a motor vehicle for others* are reciprocally included in this requirement and there may be so much more that you will have to regulate through the deployment of the Bundeswehr and the BGS of the Federal Police*.

The animal feed supply may deteriorate for you and for the people of Luebeck due to a further very poor quality of living for my person, especially caused by further construction noise and by the again current strains due to the living behaviour of individuals **, whereby other cities and countries will follow in a weakened form due to these conditions.

My person was now thinking of having the china or eating utensils taken away from you and your kind and instead providing a bowl for food and drink.

Should you continue to play your stupid guessing games with me and with my sister, whereby you must immediately inform my family truthfully about the situation in Luebeck and about the state of my person, my person has only regret left for half people who are now already very far below the level of a healthy person.

My person did not want to stand up for such a broken and sick society, but exactly this questionable and Christian society will now have to help itself to change or be able to get on the right side of life by at least implementing the valuable documents and the two urgent conditions of my person in terms of content without delay.

In this spirit, Ursula Sabisch


*If anyone does not comply with this requirement, the vehicle will be rendered unroadworthy, as already ordered! (Shotguns!)

HP: Should you and your ilk not survive this or any other imposition, then you will take some things to the grave with you and will certainly have to continue the progress in the matter elsewhere, which will be equally valid for everyone!!!

21 Oct. 2019 ** You and your kind will hopefully get to know my person yet!

31 Jan. 2021/ 22 June 2021